One Mama One Shed Load of Inspiration from Ali (Words By Ali)

One Mama One Shed Load of Inspiration from Ali (Words By Ali)

A few years back I met Ali at the gates to my daughter's forest school and I knew on first meet that she was the kind of girl I'd like to befriend. Our daughters hit it off and despite no longer attending together we've managed to keep in touch via social media. Ali is super cool, great at what she does (if you're a small business please do check out @wordsbyali_!) and someone I think you're all going to love learning more about!


Hey, I’m Ali, and I’m a freelance content writer based in Clitheroe, Lancashire. I spend my days writing blogs, social media content, and website copy for a range of businesses, as well as running online courses to empower small business owners to grow their biz by writing their own blog posts and social media captions with confidence and direction.


This week I'm reading...I've been devouring Quit Like A Woman by Holly Whitaker after seeing it on the Sex and the City reboot (once a Miranda, always a Miranda). I gave up drinking eight months ago so it’s totally up my street - it’s a fascinating take on the alcohol industry and how it’s shaped the way we think about drinking.

Quit like a woman

Watching…I've started This Is Us and I’m completely hooked! It’s making me look forward to crawling into bed with a cup of tea after another busy day of work and mum life.

Listening to…Taylor Swift, always! I usually have a few of her albums on my Spotify rotation in the car - at the moment, it’s Folklore, Evermore and Red (Taylor’s Version). If I’m out walking, it’s got to be a podcast - I’m a sucker for My Favorite Murder or anything true crime-related, and I also love How To Fail with Elizabeth Day.

Stalking...Some of my fave big Insta accounts are Make Love Not Diets, Raven Smith, and Shit You Should Care About. I’ve also spent a lot of time lately connecting with small businesses on Insta as I changed my Christmas shopping habits last Christmas so it’s been amazing discovering some beautiful accounts and finding unique gifts.

Talking about…I'm promoting my latest content writing course at the moment so I’m doing a lot of social media promotion - you can find the info here:

That means talking about how it’s going to help small business owners save time, feel confident, and discover a forever skill to grow their business. Until recently, I was too nervous to speak on Instagram stories so it’s been a personal achievement to put myself out there in this way.

Wearing…You’ll usually find me kitted out in vintage sweaters and knits from Hollywood Exports, a hidden gem of a thrift store local to me. I have to limit my visits because I love everything in there - it’s amazing value but I have to draw the line somewhere because I can literally justify any spend to myself once I see something I like!

Hollywood Exports Vintage Clothing Store

Cooking…I've been trying to get back into batch cooking after falling out of the habit, so this week it’s a Keralan chickpea, mushroom and red pepper curry.

Drinking…Large quantities of oat lattes and Diet Coke to get through a busy week, then filling up my water bottle when I remember!

Looking after myself by…Taking time for regular walks, baths, and books. 

Spending my money on…I got into wild swimming over Christmas - it seemed inevitable for me as a sober vegan - so I treated myself to a DryRobe to keep me cosy after a dip.


Grateful for…Small things that make the days a little better. That might be the time to get out for a walk with my dog, chatting to a friend, an outdoor swim, a movie night with my daughter, or a cup of tea and a brownie (I’m obsessed with the vegan ones from Eadie’s Brownies). I’m lucky my job allows me to make time for all of this; I’m not sure I could go back to a 9-5 now and stick to those rigid routines. 

Working on…Lots of blog and social media content for me and my clients! This week, I’m writing stuff for an interior design studio, an electrical firm, a marketing agency, and even delving into the world of CO2 refrigeration, while spreading the word about my upcoming writing course.

I love having the freedom to choose my clients, and I only work with people I gel with. I became friends with most of the people who did my last course and I love how we support each other on social media - it’s a lovely little community!

Trying to be a better person by…Giving back. I’m a trustee of a small charity, Parkinson’s EQUIP, after experiencing the impact Parkinson’s had on my stepdad, who passed away a year ago. I also volunteer at my local food bank once a month, and I’m in chats about doing some work with a mental health charity. I try to give back what I can in the hope it will make a difference to someone, somewhere.

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