We may be a small business, but we're still leaving a mark and we want to be as conscious in our choices as possible. We take the impact that our brand may have on the planet very seriously.

We wanted to tell you about a few of the choices that we've made along the way.

1. All the cutlery we use is vintage. We source each piece individually by trawling antiques centres, the internet and vintage markets. This process means not only is the item you receive in a good, vintage condition, as judged by the OMOS team but it is also likely to be very rare and often beautiful. In buying vintage we are reusing something unloved that may have otherwise ended up in landfill and in handstamping, we are turning it into a piece to be treasured a lifetime or more.

2. We have chosen to engrave Enamelware, and not plastic or porcelain for a reason. Sustainable and hardy materials, coupled with the sheer pretty utility meant that enamel is a winner in our eyes. Remember that OMOS enamelware is also non-toxic, child friendly, easy to clean, resistant to rust and will keep its colour for years.

3. We include branded tissue paper in enamelware orders. All of the ink used is soy-based and the tissue is acid free and FSC Certified. With every new batch of tissue paper that arrives, we plant a tree in Brazil.

4. We include flyers inside every order. They are printed onto recycled card.

5. All orders are dispatched in fully recyclable cardboard boxes and sealed with recyclable paper tape. We urge you to reuse where possible and to recycle.

There are still other areas we are working on; including moving away from the use of laminated stickers. We are not perfect, but for a small business, we are making choices that, although are expensive, we are proud of.