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The OMOS Team


We're Siobhan and Sam - the faces behind One Mama One Shed.

OMOS blossomed from our unwillingness to let beautiful things go to waste and our strong love for craft. Siobhan's grandma's vintage cutlery once destined for the landfill was the catalyst that sent us on our handstamping frenzy. Since then we've gone on to add laser engraved enamelware to our repertoire, feeling that the products compliment one another well. In using vintage cutlery and steel enamelware, we know that OMOS products are sustainable by nature and also in beauty, as both will withstand the test of time. A lifetime in your hands and nothing into landfill.

Over the years OMOS has grown into a joint, whole family venture. Our children help in the search for, and in organising the cutlery, whilst both my husband and I work as many hours as we can to get the job done, alongside juggling family-life with two small children.

With each piece being customisable we are often privy to some of our customers most special moments - baby announcements, engagements, wedding days, milestone birthdays and retirements. You name it, you can #SayItWithOMOS. Nothing brings me greater joy than knowing that the products we create will go on to become heirloom pieces, passed on through the family, enjoyed over and over.

All products are finished by hand and packaged in my workshop, here in Manchester. Every order placed supports our family and for that we will be forever grateful, without our loyal customers and followers our business wouldn't grow.

Much Love,

Siobhan and Sam

One Mama One Shed