One Mama One Shed Load of Inspiration from Ash (Wren & Rye)

One Mama One Shed Load of Inspiration from Ash (Wren & Rye)

So, you might have seen the awesome new collaboration I've done with Wren & Rye, you can buy your pooch a fab little bowl and a blinking gorgeous bowdangle for their collar. Literally the perfect Christmas gift! Ash is a fellow Manchester small business owner doing awesome things so it only seemed fitting that I invite her to give us a little inspo. Take a look below...


I’m Ash, founder of Wren & Rye - a Manchester based business specialising in fashion forward accessories for you and your four legged friends - and pooch parent to a toy sable cockapoo named Wren (one half of Wren & Rye).

This week I'm reading... For fun - I haven’t read much this year to be totally honest, as I simply haven’t had the time, but we recently visited my boyfriend’s parents in France so I dug out the Kindle and stumbled across ‘Her by Harriet Lane’ so I am on a mission to get it finished by just sneaking a chapter in during lunch! 

Her by Harriet Lane

For business - I have just finished both 'A beginners guide to wholesale by Therese Oertenblad' and 'The joy of wholesale by Clare Yuille' in preparation for getting serious with going wholesale. If you are thinking about taking the plunge I seriously recommend! 

Watching... The Great British Bake Off… I mean who isn’t? It would be like skipping Christmas. I’m also catching up with the latest season of Big Little Lies. 

Listening to... All the podcasts! They have been getting me through working late and my current favourites are:

Sh**ged Married Annoyed - for ALL the cry laughs. 

She Can She Did - for all the small business inspiration. 

Stalking… @spacemasks for Gretel & Strudel (the cutest pooches) and Harriet’s fantastic stories. @life_with_ivycoco for daily bants, and @hannahfgale for all the tv, book, clothing, food and life recommendations lol… I best stop there!


Talking about... the C word! Christmas is fast approaching and I’m starting to feel very under prepared… Anyone else feel the same?

Wondering... where all the days in the week go! And how on earth is it September already? 2019 has just flown by. 

Admiring... all the small businesses out there - smashing it! all the Trade Shows (as a visitor)… ok thats an exaggeration. But I have three lined up in the next week. Planning 2020. 

First up is Top Drawer - London followed by Glee at the NEC and then I am off to PATS just outside Birmingham. 

Wearing… an odd mix of Summer and Autumn! 

I LOVE the summer months BUT I adore dressing for autumn and winter. Jeans, chunky knits, boots, bobble hats and coats - just dreamy! 

Cooking... pasta is always a staple in our house, but two new obsessions of ours are the Kedgeree and Biryani 10 minute meals from Gousto. So quick and tasty, perfect when you are swamped with work! 

Drinking... normally I would say Aperol (and everyone that knows me will be shocked that I am not), but I am currently in love with Martini Bianco over ice with a wedge of lime! I’m also sampling the new Martini Fiero with soda - I’m not sold that it’s the “new’ Aperol, but it’s definitely a tasty summer drink :)

Martini Fiero

Looking after myself by... trying to take more time for me. Even if that’s just reading a few chapters of a book or heading out for a walk. Just doing something every day to clear my mind :)

Spending my money on… ALWAYS the dog! I don’t think a week goes by without treating her to a little something. 

But for us we have just bought a new Fridge Freezer… exciting stuff. I want to say it’s because we wanted a shiny new upgrade with ice dispenser and the likes, but sadly it’s just a direct replacement as the last one quit on us during the hottest weekend in August!

Or would it be better talking about IKEA furniture haha?

Wishing I had money for... a trip to Singapore. After spending just short of 24 hours there last April (on a return trip from NZ), I have been desperate to go back and explore… Maybe in a couple of years!

Grateful for... every Wren & Rye order that comes our way!

Working on... our wholesale catalog/wholesale pack and our capsule festive collection. 

Trying to be a better person by... finding some way of using Wren & Rye to raise money for dog charities. After much deliberation and plenty of email chains, our first effort comes in the form of a Charity T-Shirt collaboration… Coming soon to the website!

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