One Mama One Shed Load of Inspiration from Claire (Play Hooray)

One Mama One Shed Load of Inspiration from Claire (Play Hooray)

Today's guest writer is the fabulous Claire from Play Hooray. She, like me, is an ex teacher, and has gone on to craft herself a whole new career. She's still focusing on children, but she's also championing play and providing parents with the tools they need to give their children the best start, through play. When I first came across her feed in my early days of motherhood I was instantly hooked because no matter how creative you are, sometimes you just need a little kick up the bum with a healthy dose of inspiration, and that she brings in abundance.

Hi I’m Claire from @play.hooray. I live in Bristol with my four year old Mason, flat coated retriever Archie and husband who doesn’t ‘do’ social media! 🤣

This week I'm reading... eek I’m a visual person so not a massive reader! Blog posts are usually business technical stuff I don’t understand to be honest!!

Watching...Shipwrecked, it’s bringing back memories of my uni days watching T4 on a Sunday with my housemates!

Listening to...the radio constantly! Anything upbeat! We dance in the kitchen A LOT!

Stalking... oooh Eleanor Bowmer, I adore her!

Talking! Honestly that is all I seem to talk about! If it’s not with my playHOORAY followers it’s with my little boy!!

Admiring... there are so many amazing women running fantastic businesses and generally kicking ass! It’s so exciting to follow their journey!

Going... out with the dog! Dog walks on a Sunday just our little family is the BEST tonic for me! 

Wearing... earrings! I’ve recently had my ears pierced again and have suddenly found joy wearing earrings again!

Cooking...anything by Jamie Oliver, I love him and his recipes! They are the only books I have!

Drinking...Rosé wine in a lovely glass by the fire!

Looking after myself by... slowing down the pace. Last year I was really hard on myself so this year I want to do things in small steps!

Spending my money on...holidays! All our money goes on doing things as a family, it’s what makes us tick!

Wishing I had money for...more holidays?! Ha ha! Not really... honestly, I wish I could employ someone to help me out a little with work as I have so many dreams but it’s just not possible yet!

Grateful for... our family life, I appreciate how lucky I am!

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