One Mama One Shed Load of Inspiration from Hannah (Kiddicrest)

This week's inspo comes from Hannah (@kiddicrest) whom I only recently came in to contact with when she included one of my enamel mugs in an illustration she made for The Organised Mum. If you don't know what I'm talking about I urge you to check it out, but first, read on to find out more about life as Hannah Ellis...

Hi. I’m Hannah Ellis. 37 years young 😁 Owner of Kiddicrest. Based in West Yorkshire i started out by making a Watercolour Name illustration for a christening gift. Another guest saw it and wanted one for her child....that’s how this all started. I wanted to design name art for children design around their personality, loves, hobbies, favourite books or films or to match their bedroom decor.
It has developed over the past four years through customers ideas for babies, Pets, couples, neighbours, weddings and grandparents. I’ve recently added some printed cards to my design work but my heart lies firmly with my bespoke paintings. I’m also a trained milliner so like to mix things up sometimes and make hats. Love to keep life creative!


This week I'm reading...A book- I heart Christmas by Lynsey Kelk. My mind is buzzing at bedtime so a bit of easy reading chick lit is great for me make those eye lids droop. It’s a very funny book!

Watching... nothing at the moment. Love a good box set but nothing is taking my fancy currently.

Listening to...lots of music!! We recently got Apple Music and as a family we are mixing up our music each day from Cee-Lo Green, Michael Búble to Queen, Elvis to Natalie Cole and Eva Cassidy. Mainly something we can dance around the kitchen to. I really love to dance and sing(ish)!!

Stalking...The Organised Mum Method-the lovely Gem!! She’s helping me. I totally annoy myself that I’m always late or not quite prepared so it’s a learning curve for me and it’s paying off 👍🏽

Talking about...the planet!! Making changes to our household and learning how to massively reduce our plastic and palm oil use and hopefully cut it out completely. Love exchanging ideas with friends and educating my children to form amazing earth saving habits. I’m going to keep things fresh with my business. How people perceive my work. I’m a bit of a worrier. so many mums. We juggle so much each and everyday so massive respect to my mum friends who are self employed and making a life and wage for themselves doing the things they love to.

Going...on my little walks to the post office with my headphones plugged in and sending my orders on to their new homes. Occasionally taking my dog for a walk when he’s up to it. He’s an old man now and doesn’t like hills! We live in Yorkshire, there’s hills all over !

Wearing...I’m a big Asos fan. I feel like I can still find younger fresh fashion without trying to look way younger than my ripe old age of 37 & 3/4s. Plus next day delivery is helpful. I love a stretchy H&M T-shirt/jumper dress. Comfort is always good for sitting and painting. A big wooly scarf and my uggs. I’m all about feminine lines and comfort and no drafts lol 😂 to make (and eat) Yorkshire puddings!! I don’t know how I do it but they are always whoppers!! 😋 I’m loving cooking from fresh too. Part of knowing what’s going in our food and no preservatives. I’m good at clean eating and looking after my body (when my jeans get tight lol).

Drinking...Teapigs tea!! I work in a play cafe in the world famous Haworth (home to the Bronte Sisters) my boss sells this delicious tea and I’m now a big fan! I also love my matcha green tea to keep my metabolism going smoothly.

Looking after myself by... drinking my matcha and clean eating as often as I can. I do treat myself to chocolate now and then but not a big sweet tooth. I recently started to teach myself crocheting. I wanted something for me. A time out and try to be mindful. I am not athletic but do try now and then to get out and run for some endorphin boosting. Dancing round my kitchen with the kids(and on my own) will have to do as my exercise for now!

Spending my money on...very little. I try to be careful and my children, Finlay and Phoebe are at an age that I want them to learn to save up for things they really want. So I guess I need to lead by example.

Wishing I had money for...oooo a cordless Dyson lol 😂 and maybe an Apple Mac not that I would know where to start with it. I’m not a techno whizz.

Grateful so many things. The obvious is my family and my husband.
The support I get from them and my lovey friends is overwhelming and means I can run my business.

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