One Mama One Shed Load of Inspiration From Kat (Lola + Blake)

One Mama One Shed Load of Inspiration From Kat (Lola + Blake)

It's been a while but One Mama One Shed Load of Inspiration is back with a bang. The lovely Kat from Lola + Blake makes the most incredible pj's and bedding and is here chatting about the things that have made her tick lately.


I'm Kat, mother to Lola (4) and Blake (2) and founder of LOLA + BLAKE @lolaandblakedesigns a nightwear and accessories brand for 0-8 year olds


This week I'm reading...I really want to say something clever and interesting but the truth is I barely seem to have enough time to read my emails!

Watching...Gavin and Stacey - can you believe it, I’ve never seen it before?! I know, like 10 years behind the times!!

Listening children. Lola has started requesting “chatsies” at bedtime. I know it’s a stalling tactic but it’s so lovely to have one on one time after a story just talking and listening with no distractions. 

Stalking...@comedowntothewoods for everything interiors and @mellysophia for make up inspo and @hotcrossmum for general life and humour! Oh and @trinnywoodall but just for the beauty and skin care advice!


Talking about...Vitamin C facial care. I’m loving the @super.facialist range, particularly their micro polish wash. to come up with a funky trade stand theme for some upcoming tradeshows I'm doing!

Admiring...all the mum bosses out there who juggle family life and business. Scotland for our summer holiday! I'm really excited! We've got a big house on @airbnb and the back garden backs onto the beach. All my family are coming, auntie, parents, bro, sis and their partners and of course Lola and Blake!!!! (and 3 dogs!) So sad my husband has to work though :-(

Wearing...right now, I’m snuggled up in bed testing out the sample Matching Mama PJ sets (Jungle) that have just arrived! A few tweaks to make and then will be getting them on the website in time for Christmas!

Cooking...general day to day I seem to just rotate around stir fry and spag bol! I love trying out new receipes but just never seem to have time.

Drinking...whispering angel rose - a treat in the sunshine!

Looking after myself by... drinking 25ml of Willy’s apple cider vinegar @willysacv before bed. Absolutely disgusting stuff but I’ve heard endless benefits...jury is out!

Spending my money all just seems to go on the kids! Though I did spend my birthday money on a classic trench coat! Searched the high street high and low and was most impressed with @marksandspencer - really well tailored and I especially like the leather collar lining!

Wishing I had money for...that kitchen extension, Gucci Ace Leather sneakers, Charlotte Tilbury make up, a manicure, a holiday abroad...the list goes on! Above all of those, wish I had enough to get more L+B stock and add loads of new lines and products. I’m certainly learning the art of patience!

Grateful and health. And every single L+B order that comes my way!

Working on... a new print for LOLA+BLAKE - Under The Sea (you heard it hear first!) and new products (matching mumma sets!) in time for Christmas.

Trying to be a better person by...putting down the washing, cleaning, work and just sitting and playing cars or dolls with my kids and completely absorb myself in them - life is so frantic and busy and there's always something to be doing so choosing them is the most important thing


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