One Mama One Shed Load of Inspiration from Lucy (Lucy Berry Art)

One Mama One Shed Load of Inspiration from Lucy (Lucy Berry Art)

This week's inspiration comes from my talented and lovely friend, Lucy Berry. She's a trained Reiki master and self taught artist. Her art screams positivity and happiness and I love that it often features landmarks from our local area. Lucy now hosts fab events like Paint and Prosecco or Paint and Brunch and if you're local to the North West I urge you to get yourself booked on to one. Now on to her inspo....

Lucy Berry

Hi! I’m Lucy, an artist based in the North West of England, reigniting my love of painting whilst promoting the positive wellbeing effects being creative have on you.

 How we know each other….We met through a mutual friend when our babies.. were actual babies.. And now they’re big babies!

My favourite OMOS product is…. I have bought quite a few different products, including engraved camping mugs and personalised bowls for kids birthdays. But I think my favourite product is the personalised spoon bookmark. I love gifting these, they feel so special and are a lovely keepsake for family members, each time they pick up their book to read.


This week I've been watching…. Schitts Creek, I’ve been after an easy watching show for a while, you know one where you don’t actually have to fully watch it to be watching it?!

Listening to….I’ve been getting back into my dance/drum&bass recently, and am loving the Luude Ft Colin Hay remix of Down Under! Makes me just want to bounce about (lol). Also loving a bit of Arlo Parks and Mehro to chill me out.

 Wearing…. Socks & Sandals.


Looking after myself by….making time to go to the gym/yoga every week.

Spending my money on….I recently treated myself to a gorgeous necklace I’d had my eye on for a while, from a small business called ‘DewDropJewelleryuk’ (on instagram). I had spotted her designs in Manchester Craft Centre before christmas, then I walked past again the week before mothers day, my partner told me to get it so he could wrap it up for mothers day from the kids!

Manchester Craft and Design Centre

 Grateful for….Grateful for my home, the place we live, where we are safe. I always feel grateful for this, but particularly at the moment with the sadness coming from Ukraine. I’m also grateful for THE SUN! How nice was last week? Getting my tan on in the garden, my happy place. Sitting in the garden listening to the birds in the morning with a coffee, before the kids wake up. Grateful for our trips we have planned for summer, I can’t wait!

Working on….I have a massive Holcombe Hill commission to work on, whilst also busy planning my art events. I have a lot of ideas of where I would like to go with my business and its exciting!

Holcombe Hill commission by Lucy Berry

Trying to be a better person by….Reflection, mindfulness, listening.




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