One Mama One Shed Load of Inspiration from Megan (Curated Makers)

One Mama One Shed Load of Inspiration from Megan (Curated Makers)

I'm a huge, huge fan of today's guest. I came across Megan and the Curated Makers on instagram late last year. I joined her team of Makers and have been offered so many exciting opportunities as a result, stocking in Debenhams being a major highlight! Megan is dedicated to creating a really exciting and innovative movement and aside from business? She's a bit of a style icon, both with her fashion and her home so I know she'll be sharing some great ideas below... 

Megan at Curated Makers

Hello I'm Megan Jones, founder of Curated Makers. My passion is championing small businesses, which is why I started Curated Makers. We are a unique curation of the Norths best artists, makers and small businesses. I curate the most beautiful, uniquely made products and find new and exciting retail spaces to showcase them in. Last Summer, we hosted a pop-up shop in Debenhams on Market Street, Manchester, where we showcased 45 of our makers in this flagship department store, right in the heart of Manchester. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting retail ventures this year, you can follow us at @curatedmakers if you like.

This week I'm listening to 'Becoming' by Michelle Obama on audible. I'm a total convert to audible, as I just wasn't finding the time to pick up a book and read. I've managed to complete a book a month with audible, which is impressive for me. Others I've enjoyed are 'On The Frontline with the Women Who Fight Back' by Stacey Dooley and 'Work Like a Woman' by Mary Portas. What I love the that they actually read the book aloud to you, so it feels like Stacey, Mary and Michelle are actually in the room talking to you :)

I'm watching Luther! I'm a huge Idris Elba fan, I wish they could make Luther into a soap so that it was on the TV every night of the week.

I'm STILL listening to The Greatest Showman soundtrack. I absolutely love this film, it makes me feel all funny inside. The story, the music, the casting...everything about it inspires me and puts me in a marvellous mood.

 I'm stalking Stanley and Maud. I actually feel like I have my morning coffee with Charlotte as I watch her lovely insta-stories. Such beautiful, classic jewellery she makes too.

 Always talking about my business and plans plans plans...I have so many ideas that I've realised I simply have to focus. So planning is key for me this year, planning and sticking to my plans, as much as possible. I get very easily distracted, don't we all?!

 Wondering where I'll be 12 months from now. CM started November 2017 as an idea and the 12 months on from then flew by. I'm so excited to see where I'll be in February 2020, looking back on the previous 12 months. This self-employment life reallyis an exciting rollercoaster.

Going to the Cotswolds mid-February to celebrate my mums 60th birthday. We've booked a thatched roof cottage for 4 nights to be together as a family, and I'm very much looking forward to that. Any Cotswolds recommendations, feel free to send them my way. The shop 'Meggie's' is already on my list of shops to visit.

Wearing things I've not worn in a while. My partner keeps asking me, is that new?! No actually for a change, it's an old thing from the back of my wardrobe. I'm trying to be more economical with my pennies, but also to save the world from anotherpiece of disposable fast-fashion. I have plenty already. I've also started to browse charity shops more than ever before, just in case there is a little gem waiting for me in there.

Cooking meals from the Gousto delivery's life-changing. My friend recommended it to me as there was an offer on and I've just completed my first week. You chose your meals and they deliver all the ingredients, along with a recipe, so you can cook it up, with ZERO waste. The meals are so tasty too. I've signed up for our second week and I cannot wait for it to arrive. If you want to try it, you can get 60% off your first box by clicking this link and then I also get a £15 referral win. So it makes your first box, £14 for 4 meals for 2 people, instead of £34.99. Share the love, let me know what you think if you try it >>

Drinking rioja wine, my partner and I would love to visit Rioja in Spain, so any recommendations please send them my way. We're still in the researching stage, so have nothing booked as yet, but this is one of the places that is high on our 'to travel to' list. We didn't partake in dry January, so haven't missed out on trialling plenty of Rioja's here!

Wishing I had money for a safari. One day, I can only dream.

 Grateful for my family. Short but sweet, but true.

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