One Mama One Shed Load of Inspiration from Naomi (This is Naomi Gale)

One Mama One Shed Load of Inspiration from Naomi (This is Naomi Gale)

I'm so excited to have THE Naomi Gale on the blog today. I first became aware of her little makes back when on maternity with Indie. I've since been a brand rep for her, bought a number of her products, gotten to know her personally, been emotionally invested in her extremely difficult yet happy fertility journey and can claim to be addicted to her insta stories. I just know this will be a good read!

I am Naomi and I make wooden pears, chat pairs aka norks and have a little boy who is 2 and twin girls who are 9 months. I have just merged my social media accounts under @thisisnaomigale for ease.

This week I'm reading...reading doesn’t happen often now but I do read Instagram posts and love reading @disastersofathirtysomething’s peek and pit posts.

Watching...The Crown on Netflix. Where have I been!

Listening to...currently obsessed with Me and Orla’s Hashtag Authentic’s podcasts many! I’ve just discovered @thegreyhook and I really want to marry her.

Talking about...why I need to pay £50 for my brown bin… decided to go halves with the neighbour.

Wondering...if I can make it work as a self-employed mama in the future- whether I will ever make the money we need.

Admiring...Lauren Aston Designs and her smashing it at life approach she shares. National Trust gardens on the reg.

Wearing...high waisted shorts and slogan tees because I am a 90s child.

Cooking... I leave to my husband now though I am a good cook, I now work while he cooks. teas for daysssss.

Looking after myself by...knitting. I am a knitter now.

Spending my money on...Depop and charity shop toddler friendly games.

Wishing I had money for...a four bedroom house in Lewes. So if you win the lottery do share.

Grateful for...our three children- words will never cover it.

Working on...selling my products to make enough money to train as a breastfeeding counsellor.

Trying to be a better person by...going towards less waste and natural cleaning products. AND by trying to put my phone down more- which involves leaving it upstairs.

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