One Shed Load of Inspiration from Lucy (Brand New Mum)

One Shed Load of Inspiration from Lucy (Brand New Mum)

This week's inspo comes from Lucy, Brand New Mum. I first 'met' Lucy on Insta and have since met her IRL and I can vouch that she is one lovely lady so I'm eager to read what her week has consisted of.

Lucy is a Certified Coach and mum of two girls. She launched her coaching business Brand New Mum after having her first baby, and realising that returning to the day job was no longer a viable option. Instead she went self-employed, and then set up in business supporting other mums to do the same.

She now coaches women who are starting or growing creative, independent ventures through 1:1 services, workshops and online courses. Her services help women to develop confidence, bring their unique talents into their business and figure out how to design a life they love working for themselves.


Over to Lucy...

This week I'm reading... The Multi Hyphen Method by Emma Gannon.

Watching... The I’m A Celebrity ads, getting excited for the next series to start. It’s my guilty pleasure every winter!

Listening to... lots of Podcasts! I’m very late to game on this one, but especially enjoying The Motherkind Podcast and Letters From a Hopeful Creative. 

Stalking... fellow Life Coach and Celebrant @hollyjunesmith on insta stories. She’s hilarious and brutally honest, a total breath of fresh air.

Talking about... Time management and productivity. Its a topic that comes up really frequently with my clients, who are all busy mums juggling so much stuff.

Wondering... what two year olds base their decision making on. Honestly, I can just never predict what her next move will be…

Going... to Pilates once a week, and really enjoying having the headspace and me-time.

Wearing... lots of layers. I hate being cold!

Cooking…in my slow cooker. I love it for the convenience and 5pm me is always very happy 8am me bunged everything in there ready for tea! 

Drinking... sparkling water with fresh lime in a huge gin glass to scratch the booze itch. My youngest isn’t sleeping well as she’s teething, and I just can’t handle the hard stuff when I’m tired! 

Looking after myself by... taking more baths, accepting all the help, aiming for progress not perfection. 

Wishing I had money for… a brand spanking new IPhone. My partner has just upgraded his, and now I have serious phone envy. The portrait mode is just lush. 

Grateful for…the beautiful new house in the countryside that we moved into this year. It’s making life with two kids so much easier, compared to living in a city centre flat with four flights of stairs! 

Working on... plans for 2019 for my business, and trying to slow down and smell the roses along the way. I’m so future oriented I can forget to appreciate where I am, always looking to the next thing on the horizon. Learning to live in the now is an ongoingproject for me.

Trying to be a better person by... staying patient with the twonager. Their emotions run so high!
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